Hi there, my name is Dolores Patterson and I’m the woman behind this website. I’m a wine lover from Virgina and my love for wine is what prompted me to start this website.

I probably sound like some kind of a drunk, but trust me, I’m not one. It’s possible to love wine, but not be an alcoholic, heh. With me, the situation is quite the opposite, I haven’t been drunk since my early twenties, and I’m in my late thirties now. I cannot enjoy wine if I’m drunk, I can’t properly taste it, enjoy the smell of it in a glass, etc. For the most part when I’m at parties and wine tastings, I’m at best tipsy, not full blown, can’t walk, falling down drunk.

Enough about my drinking habits, I’ve rambled too much about them already. Now, what is going to be about is wine festivals that take place in this great state of ours. Virginia isn’t exactly know for it’s booming vineyards scene, but we do have some high quality wines that are created here, and they are worth talking about.

With this website I plan on covering the wine scene of Virgina and cover new and interesting wineries that I come across and also that my readers come across and report back to me about them. Don’t forget to do you by sending me a message. Stay tuned to find out what are the best wines in the state of Virginia.